Callie Cat

“Callie Cat” is a children’s television program currently being pitched for production. The show follows a family of cats, the Calico family, and their everyday adventures together. Written by C.K. James, the show and its characters are based on his family and his experience as a father.


Callie is a seven-year-old calico cat who loves to be right in the middle of things. As the eldest sibling, she takes her job as a big sister very seriously. She is a very smart and creative cat who loves to take real-world experiences and make games out of them with her family and friends.


Leo is Callie’s six-year-old brother. He is a very observant and inquisitive calico cat. Leo has boundless reserves of energy and never played a sport he didn’t like. Nothing makes Leo feel more valued than a kind word and a warm hug.


Penny is a four-year-old wrecking ball of joy. She may be the youngest of the Calico Cat children, but her heart is as big as they come. She is courageous and maybe a little impulsive. She loves playing with her brother and sister but is perfectly happy being off in her own little world.

Mango (Mom)

Mango is a driven mother who is equal parts empathetic and realistic. As a residential architect, she sees beauty in creating order out of chaos. This is especially evident in how she cares for her children and helps give them safe boundaries where they can learn and grow. She loves playing in a recreational soccer league with her team the Purple Dragons.

Dash (Dad)

Dash, also known as Dad, never has to wonder why his back hurts, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a landscape architect (he makes yards look nice) who loves solving problems, especially if he can include his children and help them learn a new skill. Dash’s optimistic nature helps him look on the bright side even while navigating the challenges of parenting three precocious children.