Mopert and Jovie

“Mopert and Jovie” is a children’s television show currently being pitched for production. Written by C.K. James, the show has a Pre-K focus involving simple scenarios with mental and emotional educational value. Mopert and Jovie often experience the same situation very differently based on their unique personalities and perspectives, resulting in funny and educational moments for kids and parents.

Mopert is even-keel, realistic, grounded, and somewhat melancholy. He is patient and gets sad when he is upset. He is cautious and can be afraid to try new things. He’s a reliable friend and values quality time.

Jovie is an enthusiastic dreamer who wears her emotions on her sleeve. She loves trying new things and anxiously awaits what each day could bring. She tends to leap before she looks and can get visibly frustrated if things don’t go her way. She’s a deeply loyal friend who values words of affirmation and loves using her imagination.