She was nervous her shoes wouldn’t keep quiet.

After all, school was all day.

If they made any sounds she couldn’t deny it.

What could she really say?


Her shoes would often misbehave,

with a moo or an oink or a quack.

Have you ever had any silly old shoes

that made funny noises like that?


All was well until around lunch,

when her left shoe had to sneeze.

It lifted her foot straight up off the ground!

She kicked a whole bowl of peas!


In one single moment everyone stopped

until someone began to cheer.

Her shoes even giggled at what they had done,

but nobody seemed to hear.


In the late afternoon, her shoes were unruly.

They barked and moaned and hissed.

The teacher asked “Are you feeling all right?”

And off to the nurse she went.


“Look up. Look down. say ‘Ahhhh.'” said the nurse,

but nothing is what she could find.

The nurse asked “What could be wrong my dear?”

Her right shoe said “Nothing. I’m fine.”


Startled! Amazed! Frightened! Confused!

The nurse ran out of the room.

Her shoes started sliding across the floor!

Her feet began to move!


“Isn’t this amazing? her right shoe said.

“I feel so much joy in my sole.”

“Not now” said her left shoe. “I need your help!”

Just then her shoes lost control.


“Hey now, hold on!” said her left shoe.

“What happened was, by far, more boring.”

“That’s not how I recall it,” exclaimed her right shoe

“And I’m the one telling this story.”


“I was there too,” the young girl said.

“I remember it well, you know!”

With a grin and a plan, her right shoe said

“Let’s do it again tomorrow?”